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Through the first 8 Chapters of Romans w/ Dr. Joshua

This is a great study guide series through the first eight chapters of the Book of Romans.  It consists of an grammatical analysis of each word, the original Greek text, a rough translation, a smooth translation and an application of each verse.  A great way of learning the Greek language. Also available is the actual DVD of each study as Dr. Joshua goes verse by verse comparing the Hebrew New Testament.

GREEK BL 103 a/b

This course introduces the student to the alphabets and components of the Greek grammar. The student will learn basic to advanced level of verb inflections, and noun declensions.

Prerequisite: English 103ab

HEBREW BL 303ab This is the foundation for the study of the Hebrew language. This course consists of learning Basic Biblical Hebrew Grammar, and vocabulary, Basic Ancient Hebrew, Basic Modern Hebrew with emphasis on conversation skills and writing.

Prerequisite: English 103a/b or equivalent


This course will introduce the student to a more thorough, systematic study of some of the key doctrines of the Bible. Using principles learned in Bible Analysis, Greek, Hebrew, and related studies, the student will explore the biblical teachings concerning Bibliology (Study of the Bible), Theology (Study of God), Christology (Study of Christ), and Pneumatology (Study of the Holy Spirit). These studies involve a great deal of research, and the writing of theses for each semester of study. The student must possess the capacity to translate the original Hebrew and Greek text.

These study helps are just one source of books covered in each class.  However, each student must be prepared to purchase more books for each class.


This course is designed for the preacher in the first year. This is an advanced form of homiletics. The student is introduced to the mechanics of outlining a sermon. Minute details of sermon preparation are taught. The student is expected to preach when asked without previous notice. The different types of sermons are mastered.


Understanding the rapture, tribulation, and the final earthly conflicts, along with the comforting study of the millennium and heaven age, makes this an exciting course indeed.