Supt. Dr. Xavier C. Joshua Th.A., Th.B., Th.M.,Th.D.
Sis. Zina C. Joshua

     Fifth Avenue Church of God In Christ
"We exist to reach the world with the Gospel Message, Jesus Saves"" 

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Church Planting - Church Expansion Department
Historical Louisiana First Jurisdiction 

Now you don't have to make the mistakes by using a trial and error approach to church planting.  Supt. Dr. Joshua's Journal of Planting Churches for Southern Baptist, America Missionary Baptist Association and Mississippi Missionary Baptist Association will give you an inside knowledge of the adversaries you will confront while trying to plant a church for the Lord and how the Lord will deliver you every-time.

Get the Complete Kit of Planting a New COGIC  Church without the worries and financial hardships. 

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Here is Bishop Proctor's and Supt. Dr. Joshua's step by step manual for the the serious COGIC 21st Century Church Planter.

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