Supt. Dr. Xavier C. Joshua Th.A., Th.B., Th.M.,Th.D.
Sis. Zina C. Joshua

     Fifth Avenue Church of God In Christ
"We exist to reach the world with the Gospel Message, Jesus Saves"" 

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Through the first 8 Chapters of Romans w/ Dr. Joshua

This is a great study guide series through the first eight chapters of the Book of Romans.  It consists of an grammatical analysis of each word, the original Greek text, a rough translation, a smooth translation and an application of each verse.  A great way of learning the Greek language. Also available is the actual DVD of each study as Dr. Joshua goes verse by verse comparing the Hebrew New Testament.

Witnessing the Word w/ Supt. Dr. Joshua will soon been airing in your area.  Stay Tune for more information.

Get a wealth of knowledge from one of a kind University and Seminary, that is more interested in your Kingdom Building Vision, than just paying salaries and keeping doors open.  Avoid the Bible College Hustle, which leaves you holding a piece of paper that you can't do anything with but struggle in your ministry. Click on the image to Learn more.

These study helps are just one source of books covered in each class.  However, each student must be prepared to purchase more books for each class.